Tuesday, 25 November 2014

An Apolitical Broadcast from Summit to Sea

If you've come across this already then you probably know us, if you haven't please spare a couple of minutes to watch.

It's a serious message, we get what we vote for. That doesn't always mean what we've voted for at the ballot box, but when we shop we vote with our wallets. I understand that times are hard and we all need to get as much "bang for our buck" as we can, but occasionally paying just a little more can have a huge effect. There's plenty of evidence for how tourism can benefit local economies as the money spent recirculates within the community, the same can be true of shopping if you don't just use the "big boys". That doesn't mean you can't shop online, most independents these days have a web presence.

These big corporations don't create as many jobs as a vibrant high street does. Those people working on the high street pay taxes and in turn spend their earnings, which generates more income for the Government to spend on the services we all need. The reason this happens is because the money isn't filtered through overseas corporations levying huge charges for services supplied by offshore divisions that are taken off their bottom line and their subsequent tax liabilities. They turn over vast amounts of money with a minimal number of employees in the UK. Here's an article about ebay's tax affairs last year and don't forget that ebays income is purely commision. It represents around 10% of what was actually sold through ebay UK. All of that achieved with less than 500 UK employees, so where have all those jobs gone that were on the High Street, after all we're a nation of shopkeepers. They're disappearing and what used to pay those people's wages is being siphoned back to shareholders overseas.

We're guilty!! We sell on ebay, but currently, we need to to in order to prop the bricks and mortar business up (the number of ebay orders we get from customers within 15 minutes of our store would amaze you!!). I can promise you we're working hard to reduce our reliance on this side of the business and aim to be ebay free as soon as we possibly can. The same applies to our Amazon store.

Save 50p by buying from an online giant and those jobs slowly dwindle and those businesses die. Then where do you then get that inner tube or chain link that you need in a hurry so you can ride today? Where do you borrow that spraydeck you forgot that ruins your weekend? Where do you borrow that hex wrench that you need as you realise that the pedal has worked loose? The last two are examples where we helped from the last 6 weeks, neither were people who were our "customers", they just happened to be in the area and needed help. Those "free" services (yes, that's what they are) are what you get for buying from an independent, or smaller chain. Not an option with the international big boys. They don't have stores on the High Street, just warehouses with employees on short-term contracts.

We'll make you a promise, our price both in store and on our website will always be at least as cheap as our ebay and Amazon prices and where we can, we'll make them cheaper. It won't happen overnight, we've got over 3,000 products to adjust, but we'll get them there and we'll wean ourselves off the channel sales and put a bit more back into the UK economy rather than sending your money off to Silicone Valley. This isn't meant just as a plea to shop with us, but simply to ask all of you to consider where you spend your money. Thanks for taking the time to read this and watching our 'humorous' video.

Here's one to start with, Park Tool PCS-10 Workstand just £109.00 we believe that's the best price in the UK. More to follow...

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