Sunday, 19 October 2014

Halloween Hero - Free GoPro

First of all an apology, it's been some time since we last blogged, that's mainly due to trying to keep the business afloat while working pretty much alone for 18 months. Things have stabilised and there are now two of us working full time in the business.

It means that I have a little more time to blog about what we're doing.

If you follow us on facebook, then you'll be aware of our recent Freebie Fridays, we have a special giveaway for the 31st October, a GoPro Hero camera. You get an entry just for liking our page, you can get another three by liking, commenting or sharing the post with the details. BUT you also get an entry for every Ten Pounds you spend with us either in store or through our website (ebay and amazon orders are NOT included). So if you spend £120 with us online, you get another 12 entries into the draw. What's not to like about that (unless you do your shopping through ebay and amazon!)

We'll try and make sure we get back here to update you a little more often now that we're better staffed.

Good luck!

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