Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Too much work makes Pete a dull boy... it's time to start training.

As I'm approaching my 45th year, I believe it's traditional to have a "mid-life crisis". I don't have the money or the inclination for the usual sports car and 21 year old nubile cliche, I have three wonderful ladies in my life already and there isn't room for a fourth (I mean the sports car, the drive is already full and all cars are ladies, I really couldn't be bothered with a 21 year old nubile at all, far too much like hard work IMHO).

So I've decided that after 17 months of intensive retail mismanagement, it's time to get out and start doing things again. I'm going to enter The Fabian 4 Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Triathlon
Why have I chosen this one I hear you ask? Well, I spend more than enough time in my kayak trying not to swim and here's a triathlon which is apparently THE new must have mid-life crisis toy for middle aged men and this one doesn't involve swimming, which is good, because I'm even more rubbish at that than I am at running. So I get to paddle, then run, then bike. Sounds like a good day out to me.

So my training regime started on Monday evening with tea at KFC with the kids and then a brisk walk in bracing conditions along the beach. Tomorrow I might even ride my bike through the drive-thru to collect my McBreakfast, I'm taking this seriously you know!!

I'm going to be bothering my friends and family for sponsorship to raise money to be split evenly between the Alaw Ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd / Bangor Hospital, where my father-in-law received excellent care to treat his leukaemia and also with Cancer Research UK as I lost a close relative to Cancer last year and have over the past few years lost too many friends and acquaintances to this disease.

So if you feel like sponsoring me, I'll be setting up a justgiving page nearer the date.


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