Friday, 18 November 2011

Just in, and already flying out of the door.

The new Explorer One Piece Suit from Peak UK has hit the rails here in Valley, we had stock delivered on Wednesday and they're flying out the door already, so much so that we're just placing our second order.

A slight modification to the Peak UK Adventurer One Piece Suit, it has a neoprene AO* neck seal, making it better suited to prolonged periods of wet work than the original design.

The original is still a fantastic piece of kit offering a suit that will provide great protection during a period of time in the water, but maintaining the ability to vent the suit that can prove so necessary on long days of paddling where the weather is so changeable.

Of course both suits feature the Fleece lined collar with stowaway hood, one of my favourite features of the suit for this time of year, you can really hunker down into it when a squall blows through.

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