Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Catching up

Well the last two months have been rather busy, we went to Germany & did PADDLEexpo (formerly Kanumesse), where we sat and drank beer with Eric Jackson , a genuinely nice guy who asked me if I'd seen the movie "The Hangover", repeatedly. Aaron & Rhona from Square Rock  some of the most helpful distributors you could hope to meet. We nibbled gnocchi  with the team from Nookie in the great hall at the Messezentrum. Where we also wet our whistles with weissbier with the guys & girls from Pyranha  and then the following evening partook of Pizza with the lovely folk from Peak UK. However, it wasn't all eating and drinking and being merry, we spent a lot of time looking at what's going to be the new products we'll be bringing you over the winter of 2011 and into 2012, some are here, some we can tell you about and others we'll have to keep under wraps for now.

We've finally got our own web shop up & running, you can check that out here www.summittosea.co.uk

We're now stocking boats from North Shore Sea Kayaks , including the great value Aspect, just £800 for a Rotomoulded Sea Kayak and the Atlantic a composite sea kayak for just £1,850.

We've recently taken delivery of the Rockstar from Jackson Kayaks
This weekend, the Shiva from Pyranha landed in store, we have a demo boat available. £10 per day and every time it goes out on a demo, the price for the demo boat drops by £10. So if it's been out 30 times, it will cost you £649, if you can wait until it's been out 40 times it's down to £549, but you have to hold your nerve, 'cos once it goes, we start all over again with a new demo boat and it starts out at £949 all over again.

We've got some great deals on Peak One Piece suits, cags and more on our Sale Rail where we'll have our bargains all year round.

We've also got a new section for Used and Ex-Demo kayaks in the webshop.

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