Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What to do when the forecast is for high winds?

With an inshore forecast of 5-6, occasionally Gale 8, we wondered where to go today for the 'Coaching & Demo' week.

With the wind direction, the Straits would have been an obvious choice, but we'd paddled there yesterday, so we headed North-East to Moelfre. Foul weather on arrival made a pre-paddle coffee and teacake in Ann's Pantry an essential delaying tactic.

Then we hit the water with a whole family of 'Ceti' (that's the correct term for a multiple of Cetus if my vague memories of Latin at Eastbrook Comp are correct). Daddy Cetus (Regular), Mummy Cetus (MV) and Baby Cetus (LV) were all put through their paces and like Goldilocks, you're now able to find one that's "just right"!!

Where shall we go tomorrow??

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