Sunday, 22 August 2010

Carpe Diem

Last night I got a call from my friend Adam "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Working" I replied.

"Ah, we're going to paddle round the Stacks...."

"Mmm, might be a bit lumpy" I suggested. "It's been pretty windy for the last couple of days".

"It'll be alright" said Adam.

"I'm cooking breakfast for the whole family tomorrow morning, so I can't start before 10, keep me in the loop"

"I'll call you in the morning" he replied.

Fast forward to 08:00 this morning, phone rings "We're going are you coming?"

After 3 weeks of working my backside off, I decided I needed some me time.

"Yeah, the sun is shining, the wind has dropped" I have the luxury of living on the island.

"What time have we got to be on the water for?"


"Call round and pick up the Cetus MV for Anne to try and I'll get my stuff together, I'm in."

I finished cooking breakfast (a Full Welsh) Bacon, Selsig (by Edwards of Conwy), Mushrooms, Beans, Black Pudding, Hash Browns, Toast, Coffee and OJ. Well if I'm going paddling I'll need fuelling.

At 10:10, I started running round like a loon, looking for my kit. I couldn't find my rash vest (it was shorty cag weather today), so ran into the shop and treated myself to a nice new one.

We hit the water, it was a little windier than when I'd got up this morning, and the tide was racing as we approached North Stack.

After a short play in the race we headed around the corner into the cave before Parliament Cave.

We passed climbers at Parliament Cave, who were clearly making the most of the blue skies and sundried cliffs.

We headed on to South Stack, Anne was clearly at ease in the Cetus MV.

Padling on soon saw us back at Porthdafarch, for the end of our paddle. A quick drive through Holyhead and we picked up Adams van, then back to base for a beer and a sandwich and I suddenly felt strangely motivated to get on with some work that had been dragging until now.

Thanks Anne & Adam.

Carpe diem - Sieze the day.
It should be a motto for us all, because life's too short to miss out on experiences like todays.

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