Thursday, 25 September 2008

Seal of Approval

Sunday morning saw me take advantage of a window in the weather to break away from working for a few hours and take the Scorpio & Cetus out for a couple of hours. The sunshine was glorious and Baggy and I looked over the Menai Straits at low water, they were like glass.

I was in the Scorpio again and allowed Baggy the opportunity for the Cetus' maiden voyage. He was very impressed with it's comfort, stability, speed and ease of turning.

We blasted up to Puffin Island, played with the currents there as the tide began to flood the straits again. Then we shot up to the Northern end of the Island, there were a lot of seals about, many young ones, which seemed the more inquisitive, at one point as I sat still watching them, one pup came closer and closer to my kayak until it eventually touched the side of my boat adjacent to the cockpit with it's nose. Amazing!!

We flew back down the straits in our speedy boats and finished up with a quick spot of rolling practice (use it or lose it). I was back just in time for Sunday Roast!

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