Saturday, 17 March 2012

I've seen less boats on the beach at a Symposium.

31 boats on the beach for 3 people on one of our demo weekends , the next is on the 21/22nd April.

We had sea kayaks from P&H, SKUK, Tiderace, Valley, North Shore & Rockpool on the beach, a HUGE range to choose from. Scorpio, Cetus, Capella, Pilgrims, Xplore, Xcape, Delphin, Avocet, Etain, Aquanaut, Taran, Alaw, Isel, Atlantic, Polar, Anas Acuta & Nordkapp

Places are filling up for the next demo weekend, day one is a huge try them all day, day two is a journey allowing you to put your first (or possibly second) choice through it's paces for a longer period so you can see if it is the right boat for you.

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