Friday, 6 January 2012

Yard Sale - This Weekend

This weekend in our Yard Sale, we have: 
Used Boats:
Pyranha Varun L £495
Pyranha Varun M SOLD
Pyranha Karnali M (Connect 30) SOLD
Pyranha G3 (whitewater spec) £395
Medium Molan P/X excellent condition £495
Molan Small Ex-demo £495
Molan Medium Ex-demo £495
Molan Large Ex-demo £495

Jackson Star £625
Jackson Allstar SOLD
Jackson Superstar SOLD
Jackson Monstar SOLD
Venture Kayaks Easky 13 SOLD
Venture Kayaks Easky 15 £425
Venture Kayaks Easky 15 LV SOLD
SKUK Pilgrim Expedition SOLD
SKUK Explorer HV £1,495

Discontinued Models (all new):
Pyranha Acro 270 £349
Pyranha Acro 275 £349
Pyranha Ammo S £575
Pyranha Recoil S SOLD
Wavesport Fuse 35 (2010) £575
Wavesport Fuse 56 (2010) £749
Wavesport Diesel 60 (2010) SOLD

Blemished Boats/Cosmetic Seconds:
P&H Cetus MV (with Rudder, not Skeg) £1,800
P&H Cetus Classic (custom fit Bulkhead to suit 30-32" inside leg) SOLD
P&H Quest LV (thin gelcoat on foredeck) £1,495
P&H Delphin SOLD
Pyranha Burn M £700
Pyranha Burn L £700
Pyranha Karnali L (Connect 30) SOLD

and lots of deals on clothing and equipment.

Drop us a line or give us a call on 01407-740963

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